Peter Mah

Peter Mah

My name is Peter Mah and I’ve worked in various creative fields over the years: photography, eLearning, and user experience design.

Why the unique website name?
Horse1Asia is an English translation of my Chinese name. It became the name of my website because I thought the combination of words are so odd together when translated into English.

Since 2006 I’ve worked at reducing training time for companies in the transportation industry, making online enterprise tools easier for retail management, and enabling better e-commerce and improved transactions for stock photography sales.

User Experience Design
Today, I’m working on creating learning experiences that meet business objectives and user goals. I believe making things easier and delightful for users online will add to your bottom line.

My Work
You can view samples of my work in my online Portfolio or download the detailed PDF portfolio.

Specialties: User Experience Design, Interaction Design, User Testing, Front-end Web Development, Multimedia Development for eLearning